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Be a Guest

Verbally Effective guests are innovative, inspiring, and most of all REAL. We are always looking for potential guests to interview.

We welcome suggestions from PR folks, agencies, literary agents, in-house corporate communications teams, and everyone else. You can also nominate yourself!

Given the competition to be on the show, reading the Guest Selection Criteria thoroughly before applying will increase your chances of success.

Guest Selection Criteria

We consider the following five areas when choosing guests for the show:

  1. Is the guest from Memphis or currently residing in Memphis? We primarily focus on leaders and visionaries from or currently in Memphis. From time to time we may feature a non-Memphian, but they would need very compelling answers to the following questions:
  2. Is the guest doing something provocative, important, and/or impactful? We want guests that not only have fascinating ideas but who are executing their visions.
  3. Is the guest’s area of impact within arts, culture, politics, and/or entertainment? We strongly favor guests in one of our four key areas of emphasis.
  4. Can the guest attract an audience? We seek guests who will help promote their episode.
  5. Is the guest willing to be transparent when sharing their story? Our listeners love to hear both the highs and lows of our guests’ journeys. We want guests who are willing to be raw.